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What Have Rob and Jay Been Reading This Week? Thumbnail

What Have Rob and Jay Been Reading This Week?

Insights What We're Reading

Whether you read for fun or to gain knowledge, articles can be a convenient way to gain insight, inspiration, and perspective. Here are some of the articles that Rob and Jay have been reading.

Low Cost is Better Than No Cost, by Dan Egan

"When something is ‘free’ the incentives for both the consumer and provider change dramatically, often in ways that are invisibly worse for consumers." This is a great read on the psychology of 'free,' how money is used as a "signal" of quality, e.g., $10 bottle of wine vs. $20 bottle of wine, what 'free' costs us, and why it pays to pay.

A Home Heating Crisis. A Devastating Forest Fire Waiting to Happen. One Innovative Solution., by Terry Greene Sterling 

A friend of Jay's in the US Forest Service, who is involved with the "Wood For Life Tribal Fuelwood Initiative," shared this article with him. Hopi and Navajo communities in Northern AZ are in desperate need of fuel, e.g., wood, for heating and cooking, while small diameter timber is stacking up on forest restoration sites (due to lack of wood hauling - see COVID 19 'stay at home' orders). In comes Wood for Life, where they're "building a partnership that can help sustainably meet Tribal fuelwood needs and enhance our ability to conduct forest restoration projects across the region." Great story.

Inflation Matters More For the Stock Market Than Interest Rates, by Ben Carlson

In 2020, the stock market did well, e.g., S&P 500 was up roughly 16%, despite large parts of the economy shutting down and unemployment skyrocketing due to COVID. Enter 2021, and some folks seemed worried that the market is going to tank because the economy is too strong. Are you confused yet? In this article, Ben tackles one reason why a robust economy might create headwinds for the market. 

5-Chart Friday (3/26/21), by Charlie Bilello

The 5-Chart Friday blog highlights (via charts) what's been going on in the markets during the week. The March 26th installment illustrates the reopening of America (specifically the impact on travel), rising interest rates and its impact on banks, 2020 global economic growth (or lack thereof), how a "company is not the same as its stock," and the housing sector. 

FAFSA Completions Down Among NC High School Seniors, But Turnaround Efforts Ramp Up, by Emily Walkenhorst 

In this article, Emily Walkenhorst of WRAL highlights why fewer NC students have completed their FAFSA forms and what one group is doing to change the trend. Emily examines how MyFutureNC is changing this downward FAFSA application drift by hosting virtual and drive-through events. Education planning and saving is a fundamental focus for us here at Overman Capital, and we were thrilled to hear about the mission of myFutureNC. If FAFSA applications are on your mind, please read our recent post, where we address how certain financial events impact a college-bound students' need-based aid due to FAFSA formulas.

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