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Overman Capital Management EDUCATIONAL SERIES 


Investing In An Election Year

Event Information:

Date: Tuesday, April 23rd

Time: 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM ET

Location: Virtual Meeting - RSVP HERE

Billy Mills - Wealth Management Consultant, Capital Group

Investing in an election year presents unique challenges due to increased market volatility and uncertainty surrounding policy changes. As November 2024 approaches, election noise will only increase, making it crucial for investors to maintain focus on their long-term goals.

Based on extensive research and analysis of the past 23 presidential election cycles, our Guide to investing in an election year offers a comprehensive look at how elections have influenced markets. It can help answer some of your clients’ most pressing questions, including:

 • Is one party better than the other for investors?

• Do politics impact specific stocks or asset classes?

• Are there observable trends from past election cycles?

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